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Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Physiology - A Problem-Based Approach. This book by Mitchell Halperin and Marc Goldstein is in it's third edition and offers superbly balanced coverage of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base disorders. Thorough without going into extraneous detail, it explains how to recognize, evaluate and manage everything from metabolic acidosis to hypercalcemia. The most recent edition incorporates the latest advances in knowledge while continuing to promote an approach which rests soundly on principles of integrative physiology. It uses a consistent user-friendly format, and is packed with case studies, questions and challenges for the reader, as well as explicit treatment guidelines. To obtain a copy, click here and order it securely through Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Physiology
Clinical Detective Stories: A Problem-Based Approach to Clinical Cases in Energy and Acid-Base Metabolism. Mitchell Halperin and Francis Rolleston have written this book for students and doctors who want to apply fundemental concepts of energy and acid-base metabolism to clinical problems. By basing the book on clinical problems in human nutrition, exercise and veterinary medicine, they show the vivid relevance of biochemistry and physiology to everyday life. Aspects of endocrinology, gastroenterology, and respiratory and cardiovascular physiology are also included. The problem-based strategy prompts students to propose various hypotheses then put them to quantitative tests, a process that generates a deeper understanding than could ever be gained by listening to lectures or reading textbooks. To obtain a copy, click here and order it securely through Clinical Detective Stories
The ACID truth and BASIC facts - with a Sweet Touch, an enLYTEnment. 120 pages. By Mitchell Halperin, this pocket-sized book was written as a working guide for the physician or student facing a case of fluid, electrolyte or acid-base disturbance. Only the "bare bones" are provided. The emphasis is on application of physiological principles using only the essential clinical information. To obtain a copy, click here and order it securely through Clinical Detective Stories
External Balance of Electrolytes and Acids and Alkali. By Man Oh and Hugh Carrol in The Kidney - Physiology and Pathophysiology, 3rd edition pp 33-59, Ed. Seldin and Gibbish. An excellent chapter dealing with issues of mass balance. Many controversial areas are lucidly discussed.

Use of the Composition of the Urine at the Bedside: Emphasis on Physiological Principles to provide insghts into Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues. By Mitchell Halperin and Kamel Kamel in The Kidney - Physiology and Pathophysiology, 3rd edition pp 2297-2327, Ed. Seldin and Gibbish. An excellent chapter demonstrating how to use data obtained from urine analysis for diagnosis and therapy. Illustrative cases show how this information leads to improved understanding of the basis of the disorder and the rationale for the selection of treatment.

The approach to a patient with acute polyuria and hypernatremia: a need for the physiology of McCance at the bedside. By MR Davids, Y Edoute and ML Halperin in The Netherlands Journal of Medicine 2001; 58:103-110. An article illustrating our approach to problem-solving in the area of salt and water disorders. Written in a unique style, it describes an imaginary consultation with a great clinician-physiologist from the past, Professor RA McCance. While McCance has no knowledge of molecular biology or modern problem-based learning, he has a sound grasp of whole body physiology, uses a quantitative approach to assess the abnormalities found in the patient and can accurately predict the responses to a given perturbation.